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Active and Adaptive Matter

Active matter includes non-equilibrium materials that self-move (e.g. colloidal motors), reconfigure in response to a stimulus, or exhibit other emergent behaviors. Active matter could be particles, gels, or complex fluids. These sessions welcome both modeling and experimental approaches to this field.

Keynote Speakers: Anna Balazs and Peer Fischer
Organizers: Ilona Kretzschmar, Ayusman Sen, and Orlin Velev

Colloidal and Surface Forces

This session focuses on the interactions between particles, capsules, deformable bodies, biomolecules, and interfaces. This session will focus on studies of both equilibrium and dynamic surface forces between particles and surfaces, measurement and modeling techniques for the forces, and chemistry methods for altering the forces.

Keynote Speakers: Suzanne Giasson and Marina Ruths
Organizers: Mike Bevan, Norma Alcantar, and Christopher Wirth

Colloidal Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization

Robust and versatile synthesis of nanoparticles involves the development of both new chemical concepts as well as new analytical methods to track and verify those reactions. This symposium will highlight research that develops, combines, and/or enhances approaches to understand the formation, structure, and resulting properties of colloidal nanoparticles across a variety of metal, metal oxide, and metal chalcogenide nanoparticles.

Keynote Speakers: Daniel Gamelin and Jianwei (John) Miao
Organizers: Jill Millstone, Ray Schaak, and Alina Schimpf

Connecting the Dots in Industry

Together with technical and thought leaders representing diverse industries, we will ‘connect the dots’ through a series of illuminating invited keynote talks, panel discussions, innovation pitches, and networking opportunities. This brand new session is designed to help scientists and engineers expand their networks and understanding of technical fundamentals and problems in industry. Instructive and interactive technical sessions have been engineered to assemble and crosslink scientific experts and entrepreneurs at the critical interfaces of academia/industry and fundamental/applied research in order to facilitate discussions on colloidal and interpersonal interactions for breakthrough innovations as we transcend industries, applications, and scale. Anticipated subsessions will focus on “Partnering to Win: Academic/Industry Collaborations,” “Starting Up & Spinning Off,” “Scaling Up Innovation,” “Sustainable Solutions,” and “Transcending Applications and Industries with Colloid and Surface Science and Engineering Fundamentals.”

Keynote Speakers: to be announced
Organizers: James Adair, Huda Jerri, and Dan Miller

Directed Assembly of Molecules and Particles

This session will focus on the field of self- and directed assembly of molecules (surfactants, peptides, proteins, and macromolecules) and particles (colloids and nanoparticles). Contributions can detail experimental, computational, or theoretical studies of the assembly of symmetric or asymmetric (both material and shape) molecules or particles. Studies of the functional properties of self-assembled materials, including their rheology and transport properties, are also welcome.

Keynote Speakers: Hank Ashbaugh and Lisa Biswal
Organizers: James Gilchrist, Christine Keating, and Ning Wu

Electrokinetics and Microfluidics

This session welcomes experimental, theoretical, and computational papers concerning fundamental aspects of electrokinetic phenomena and applications of electrokinetics to flows in microfluidic devices. Topics might include electrokinetics in high salt, in dielectric media, in porous media, or other fundamentals or applications; or microfluidics for mixing, reactions, separations, or other fundamentals or applications.

Keynote Speakers: Aditya Khair and Sindy Tang
Organizers: Kyle Bishop, Sarah Perry, and Todd Squires

Emulsions, Bubbles and Foams

We invite abstracts on the fundamentals and applications of emulsions, bubbles, and foams. Topics include responsive Pickering foams, aqueous-aqueous interfaces, acoustic dynamics of microbubbles and nanoemulsions, surfactant dynamics, and foam reduction dynamics.

Keynote Speakers: Tom Mason and Lilo Pozzo
Organizers: Sven Behrens, Lisa Biswal, and Lauren Zarzar

Energy Systems

This session focuses on fundamentals and applications of colloids and surfaces to energy applications. This could include batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, hydrates, or other paths. The contributions can involve experiments or modeling, and all parts of the energy chain are welcome, from generation to storage.

Keynote Speakers: to be announced
Organizers: Enrique Gomez, Jae Lee, and Donghai Wang

Environmental Systems

This session focuses on the application of the fundamentals of colloids and surfaces in environmental systems. The session will include topics like metrology of particle size distribution, state of aggregation, interactions with natural organic matter, interactions of colloids with surfaces, or assay development. Talks can be experimental, modeling, or combined.

Keynote Speakers: Vicki Chen and Susan Stipp
Organizers: Jamie Lead, Nathalie Tufenkji, and Stephanie Velegol


This session welcomes presentations on fundamental or applied aspects of colloid and surface science that do not fit neatly into any of the specific symposia. Following the successful practice employed at previous Colloid and Surface Science Symposia, abstracts will be grouped to the greatest extent possible into thematically related and appropriately sub-titled “mini-symposia” that promise to attract a focused audience.

Keynote SpeakersMatthias BallauffAlexander Böker and Alberto Fernandez-Nieves
Organizers: Jacinta Conrad, Valeria Milam, and Christian Pester

Molecules and Particles at Fluid Interfaces

This session invites papers on behavior of molecules and particles at fluid-fluid interfaces. Experimental and theoretical works on molecules and particles with an emphasis on self/directed assembly, functional thin films, membranes, and interactions between multi-components and physical properties of molecule/particle-laden interfaces are all welcome.

Keynote Speakers: Ka Yee Lee and Alberto Striolo
Organizers: Laura Bradley, Daeyeon Lee, and Ali Mohraz

Rheology and Dynamics

This session focuses on the deformation, flow, and microstructure evolution of colloidal suspensions, gels, emulsions, polymers, and surfactant systems under applied stress. Experimental, numerical, and theoretical studies of rheology and dynamics that connect observations to underlying physics and chemistry are welcome.

Keynote Speakers: Roger Bonnecaze and Jacinta Conrad
Organizers: Matthew Helgeson, Lilian Hsiao, and Roseanna Zia

Wetting and Adhesion

This session will focus on gaining a better understanding of wetting and adhesion phenomena present in a wide range of systems including biological and mechanical systems. Both fundamental and applied aspects of wetting and adhesion are of interest.

Keynote Speakers: Hans-Jürgen Butt and Manoj Chaudhury
Organizers: Joelle Frechette, Katharine Jensen, and Tak-Sing Wong

While reasonable efforts will be made to adhere to the advertised package, Penn State Conferences and Institutes reserves the right to substitute speakers and/or seminar content.