Policy on Exhibits

The following criteria shall apply to exhibits held in conjunction with educational conferences sponsored by the University.

  1. All exhibits must have a recognized educational or public service value to the program participants.
  2. All out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of the exhibit must be paid by the exhibitor.
  3. On-the-spot solicitation of orders or acceptance of orders by exhibitors is to be discouraged.
  4. Exhibitors shall be expected to adhere to time schedules as determined by Conferences and Institutes and to general University rules of good conduct.
  5. Exhibits for any University-sponsored conference shall not be installed or erected more than twentyfour hours prior to the authorized exhibit time and should not arrive on the campus or conference site more than forty-eight hours prior to the opening of the exhibit period. Exhibits must be removed from the conference site within twenty-four hours after the end of the exhibit period unless prior arrangements have been made by the exhibit for later removal.
  6. All exhibitors shall conform to any other specific or existing rules and regulations established by other divisions of the University regarding exhibits in specific buildings on a University campus with particular emphasis on the exhibitor’s responsibility for damage to University property or facilities. In addition, exhibitors may not post signs or exhibit materials on the walls of the facilities.
  7. All exhibitors shall be expected to abide by University regulations regarding traffic, parking, and other matters of public interest.
  8. Exhibitors shall be solely and completely responsible for all exhibits and for any personal or public liability caused by, or arising from the exhibitors’ act or negligent acts, or omissions. The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits from any cause. The cooperating association, exhibitor, or exhibit management shall indemnify and hold harmless the University for any liability, claims or expenses suffered by the University on account of negligent acts or omissions of exhibitors. The cooperating association, exhibitors, or exhibit management shall obtain and maintain, during the time exhibitor participates in the exhibit, public liability and property damage insurance in such coverage and in such amounts as are approved by the University and to name the University as an additional insured under such policies of insurance. Exhibitor shall furnish the University a Certificate of Insurance evidencing such coverage. The exhibitor shall sign an appropriate agreement incorporating the provisions of this paragraph.